Addressing delegates at the Africa Day High-Level Symposium on Global Governance, Mr. Mohamed Sheshu Sheriff, Executive Secretary of the APRM National Secretariat, underscored Africa’s pivotal role in the rapidly evolving global landscape.

The symposium, themed “Global Governance and Fundamental Changes Taking Place in the World: Africa’s Perspective and Response,” convened esteemed participants to deliberate on the continent’s trajectory and future outlook.

Mr. Sheriff commenced his address by celebrating Africa’s rich cultural heritage and historical resilience, emphasizing the continent’s legacy of empires, trade networks, and inclusive governance. He called upon Africa to harness its shared values and aspirations, advocating for governance structures rooted in democracy, transparency, and the rule of law, imbued with the principles of Ubuntu.

Highlighting Africa’s potential in the digital age, Mr. Sheriff stressed the importance of leveraging technology to leapfrog traditional development pathways, while ensuring equitable distribution of its benefits through investments in education and skills development.

Regarding the climate crisis, Mr. Sheriff identified Africa’s renewable energy resources as a key opportunity for sustainable development, advocating for their utilization to propel the continent towards a greener, more resilient future.

Mr. Sheriff underscored the significance of solidarity and cooperation, urging Africa’s active engagement in international forums and highlighting the African Union’s Agenda 2063 as a transformative roadmap for the continent.

Reflecting on Sierra Leone’s progress, Mr. Sheriff commended President Julius Maada Bio’s leadership in advancing democracy and economic integration, positioning Sierra Leone as a beacon of democratic progress on the continent.

In conclusion, Mr. Sheriff reaffirmed Africa’s commitment to shaping the global narrative, calling for innovation, sustainability, and unity to build a better Africa and world.