Marking a significant diplomatic stride, Sierra Leone’s Minister of Public Administration & Political Affairs, Amara Kallon, recently engaged in a high-profile meeting with Ambassador Salah S Hammad, the Head of the African Governance Architecture (AGA) Secretariat, and senior Human Rights Experts. The gathering aimed to explore a continental approach to public service reforms.

In the discussions, Minister Amara Kallon underscored Sierra Leone’s commitment to elevating governance standards, not only within its borders but across the African Union. The participants delved into strategies fostering efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness in public administration, emphasizing the shared responsibility of member states in driving impactful reforms.

A pivotal moment arose as the AGA pledged unwavering support to Sierra Leone’s reform initiatives. Ambassador Salah S Hammad, representing AGA, committed to leveraging the organization’s resources to bolster the ongoing reform efforts in Sierra Leone. This collaborative commitment signals a collective push towards enhancing governance practices within Sierra Leone and fostering a broader impact on public service across the continent.

As Sierra Leone and the AGA embark on this collaborative journey, eyes turn towards the potential positive repercussions for governance and public service delivery throughout Africa. This meeting signifies a proactive step towards unified efforts in shaping a more effective and transparent public administration landscape across the region.

From: Public Relations Unit, Ministry of Public Administration & Political Affairs.