The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) has taken a decisive step towards ensuring transparency and accountability at the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC).

In a press release dated February 23, 2024, SLAJ officially submitted details of its representative for the Board of Trustees of SLBC to the Ministry of Information and Civic Education (MoICE). This move underscores SLAJ’s commitment to promoting good governance and fair representation within the national broadcaster.

SLAJ’s press release also emphasized the urgent need for the MoICE to expedite the constitution and operation of the Board of Trustees at SLBC. By urging swift action, SLAJ aims to facilitate the implementation of measures that uphold lawful, fair, and transparent practices within the institution. This call for action comes in response to concerns raised by SLBC staff and stakeholders regarding governance issues and the need for effective oversight.

Ahmed Sahid Nasralla, President of SLAJ, highlighted the association’s proactive approach in addressing the challenges facing SLBC. He acknowledged the fears of SLBC staff regarding job security and emphasized SLAJ’s commitment to facilitating open dialogue between stakeholders. Nasralla reiterated SLAJ’s support for the MoICE’s intervention in addressing the current situation at SLBC while advocating for the interests of both staff and the broader public.

In addition to urging action on governance issues, SLAJ called upon the MoICE to ensure the lawful, fair, and transparent implementation of recommendations made by the Anti-Corruption Commission at SLBC. This appeal reflects SLAJ’s dedication to combating corruption and fostering accountability within the national broadcaster.

Looking ahead, SLAJ expressed optimism about the appointment of a new Director General for SLBC. The association pledged its support and cooperation to the incoming leadership, underscoring its commitment to transforming SLBC into a true public broadcaster that serves the interests of all citizens.

As SLAJ continues to champion transparency, accountability, and professionalism in journalism, its efforts to promote good governance at SLBC signal a significant step forward in strengthening media integrity and upholding democratic values in Sierra Leone. The association remains steadfast in its mission to safeguard the rights and welfare of journalists while advancing the public’s right to access accurate and unbiased information.