We just celebrated fathers day and many posted photos of their fathers to commemorate the day.

With loving messages and words ,fathers around the world were toasted for all they do as family patriarchs.
Sierraloaded have put together a list of some of our very own proud Sierra Leone celebrity dads:

International Footballer and new daddy Kei Kamara with  his princess

International Footballer Mohamed Kallon and his kids

Singer Nasser Ayoub with a younger Figo and Tia.

Rapper Triple C , his Son and his father.

Terror D and his Daughter

LAJ and his baby girl

Daddy Saj

Father of two Kao Denero and his oldest.

Rapper Lex Bubble who is a father of three.

Dj Little and his Clan

Young Free and his copycat daughter .

Entertainment Manager/promoter Boxx konteh and his Son

International Footballer Tetteh Bangura and his lil man

DJ Charlie Bee and the boys

Jimmy B and his son

Alonzo and his son

The Nega Don family