It has emerged that police in Germany are now investigating an attack on Sierra Leonean diplomats at the embassy in Berlin.

According to reports close to the foreign ministry, Sulaiman I. Turay, a Counsellor who is in charge of consular affairs and Idrissa Hilton-Gogra, the Information Attache were on official assignment to present a document setting out the official position of the government of Sierra Leone on the deportation of the organizers of the demonstration in Munich staged by some failed asylum seekers from Sierra Leone when they were attacked and molested.

Hilton Gogra had to be treated in hospital while Sulaiman was taken away to his hotel by German police.

Documents seen by Politico indicate that about 1,000 West claiming to be Sierra Leoneans exhausted all chances of staying in Germany about seven years ago and are now due to be deported.

A source at the foreign ministry in Freetown told Politico that the government was taking great care not to allow people who are not Sierra Leoneans to be deported to this country.

Our source says that against that background, high level inter-ministerial meetings were held in Freetown, ending with the dispatch of an expert team to the European Union to verify the true nationality of those identified as Sierra Leoneans to be deported. The team arrived in Germany on the 3rd October 2021.

Politico understands that out of 25 people in detention in Vienna awaiting deportation to Sierra Leone, only one was clearly identified as a Sierra Leonean.

According to our source at the foreign ministry the deportations are part of an EU’s wide programme being executed by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, also known as Frontex. Thousands of West African nationals and people from other countries are due to be deported.

Meanwhile, concern is now being expressed for the safety of Sierra Leonean diplomats across the EU as the leaders of the demonstrations in Germany have threatened to attack them throughout the EU.