Sierra Leone-Flagged Cargo Ship ‘Razoni’ Leaves Ukraine in Key Russia-Ukraine War Milestone

Sierra Leone takes the center stage in bringing peace between Russia and Ukraine, as Sierra Leone-flagged cargo ship Razoni carried more than 26,000 tonnes of maize for the first time since the war began.

The vessel Razoni under the flag of Sierra Leone carrying 26,000 tons of corn bound for the port of Tripoli in Lebanon, has left the Black Sea port of Odesa for the first time since Russia’s invasion in late February.Kubrakov wrote on Facebook.

He said the ship will move along a maritime corridor, the security of which was guaranteed by Türkiye and the United Nations (UN).

The resumption of Ukraine’s grain exports would help to prevent a global food crisis, contribute at least 1 billion U.S. dollars to the Ukrainian economy and pave the way for the country’s farmers to prepare for next year’s sowing campaign, Kubrakov said.

The cargo ship will first reach Istanbul in Turkey for inspection on Tuesday, where it will be inspected by a joint monitoring center according to an agreement that Russia and Ukraine made with Turkey and the United Nations, the Turkish Defense Ministry said in a statement Monday

Following Razoni, other convoys will set off from the Ukrainian port of Odesa, the Turkish Defense Ministry said.

The long-awaited development on Monday came after the United Nations and Turkey brokered an agreement between Russia and Ukraine last month. It has raised hopes of easing a growing food crisis threatening people around the world.

The deal aims to ensure the safe passage for ships carrying grain to world markets amid concerns about food shortages due to the prolonged crisis in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine are major global wheat suppliers.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the deal will enable Ukraine to export 20 million tons of last year’s grain harvest and part of this year’s harvest

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The executive Director of Legal Aid Board Claire Carlton Hanciles reacted to this by writing a message to Sierra Leoneans

GM fellow citizens

Just heard from CNN that the first ship carrying grain from the UN brokered grain sale agreement between Ukraine and Russia in their ongoing conflict is doing so under the flag of Sierra Leone. Our land that we love. What an honour!. Of all the Countries in the World it is the Sierra Leonean flag.

It means the ship is registered in our own Freetown in our Maritime Shipping Agency. Boy what an honour.

It means both Ukraine and Russia see us as neutral parties. Boy this speaks volume of peace for us internationally.

We are no longer the cuthan cut foot, nation as we were referred to as a result of our war. Let me take this opportunity to congratulate His Excellency the President , the Government and people of Sierra Leone. It speaks volumes.

To those of us in politics we cannot afford to go back to war. As the elections approach let us strive to be peaceful, resolve all I mean all our differences in a peaceful manner.When trouble comes those with money easily leave the Country and those without remain and suffer.

We have been through it enough. Nothing, nothing should destabilise our beloved Country again. This is the only place we call home. Let not our personal ambitions override our obligations to our and oncoming generations . Tensions are in all Countries worldwide but that madness does not take over commonsense.

In an election one person wins and another person loses. This is how this type of exercise goes. In whatever situations we are we can have our say but please keep the peace. Remember before you were born there were other Sierra Leoneans ,after all of us die there are going to be other Sierra Leoneans.

So in whatever capacity you find your self remember you are now a custodian this nation. Let not your action make Sierra Leonean history treat you harshly.

Always strive yo give your best , put Country first. There is this 18th Century English novel titled “Waiting for Godot’ in other words waiting for God. From the day we are born to the day we die we are doing what? Waiting for God. During that period we grow up, go to School, some marry and have a family, get jobs, some retire etc. All these human pastimes are to fill time gap whilst waiting to go back to God. So let us be careful with things like power, or the fight for it, how we treat and care for people and how we go about our daily chores. Some of us may have jobs, some of us not, some may have money, some not but whatever you do remember God who may you will provide for you.

If the birds of the fields do find something to eat you will also find it. Remember in the midst of our miseries something good happens to keep us alive. So no need to create tension on either national issues or domestic ones. Pls take each day at a time.

Don’t cram your issues all into your head at once, it can lead to mad actions. That which you can do pls do. That which you cannot do pls have patience and leave it for another day. If you are not able to solve any problem leave it and pray over it as it will resolve itself with time.

As Desiderata says you are a Child of the Universe not less than the trees and the stars and whether it is clear to you or not you have a right to be here on earth otherwise how come you are still alive despite all those problems.

So what should you do ?You must strive to be happy. Despite its shams, drudgery , and broken dreams it is a beautiful World. So what should we do we must strive to be happy in whatever situations we find ourselves as no condition is permanent. We are not better than all those we have buried. Udat get yace leh e yeri. Lonta!God bless you all have a nice day folks.



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