Popular female Politician  Sylvia Blyden has reacted on social media over recent pronouncement by education Minister, Dr. David Sengeh that the best candidate in the 2022 BECE is a female with perfect scores of 8 ones.

Blyden posted on her Facebook page that “Our country’s future is indeed BRIGHT because the future is definitely going to be led by WOMEN. Our Sierra Leone Girls have led in this year’s 2022 Results for WASSCE and now a Girl has led again in 2022 BECE Results.

There is a cloudy issue around exponential growth in marvellous passes at Public Exams but those clouds cannot take away from the fact that our Girls have been making us Gender Equality, Women’s Empowerment & Women’s Advancement activists to be very proud right now.”

She concluded by stating that the achievement has made her proud, a proud Sierra Leone Woman and a proud Gender Rights activist.

Two females from Kenema District recently top the 2022 WASSCE.  Girls have also led the 2022 BECE. These achievements are a clear manifestation that the future for girls in Sierra Leone is bright.