President Bio and his mob ( Not supporters ) are denying what is obvious to everybody that the August 8 and 9 sit-down strikes and the August 10 demonstrations were precipitated by the economic hardship in the country.

Everybody, including the international community is conversant with reality on the ground in Sierra Leone —Very harsh economic times, extreme hardship, with prices of food and basic commodities now beyond the reach of the ordinary man in the street, totalitarian leadership that responds to any democratic movement with bloodshed . President Bio has been a monumental disaster in power.


The people’s disenchantment and vexation with President Bio and how disastrously he has brought them hardship caused the anger on the streets on August 10.

Any government that is fit for purpose and that faces reality would have accepted the fact and sought to redress the economic and living challenges of the people. But not the SLPP , who live in their own world of delusion , denial, deceit and disregard for the feelings of the people. instead of looking at how to resolve the problem amicably by dialoguing with the people and assuring them of better times, President Bio and his mob have blamed the chaos on the opposition and they have even stretched credulity by saying that it was a coup attempt by the opposition to topple the government. This is a very laughable, yet tragic diagnosis of what is ailing our nation.

What is going to follow is very obvious. Enemies of this President and his mob are going to be framed ; lots of innocent people are going to be persecuted unjustly and sent to jail. Innocent citizens are going to lose their breadwinners and there is going to be more repression and more hardship in the country. Sierra Leone is going to go to the dogs and why not ? The country has fallen dramatically from its once lofty heights and there is nobody left , except the Adebayors in the social media and some very few JOURNALISTS like us, who are still standing, to tell President Bio and his mob the truth.

Democracy is in a very wretched and moribund state in Sierra Leone today . No serious civil society . It has been tribalized and bought by President Bio ; sold out , impotent media, with very few truth speakers left ; a tribally- compromised Bar Association that is shamelessly lapdogging the government; a cowardly , disinterested and spineless intelligentia and MPs that are unreliable and even the Labour Congress and professional association have become very useless. Reading what bootlicking and compromised journalists are writing today is distressing and unhealthful.

The situation is a breeding ground for dictatorship and bloodthirsty killers like President Bio to flourish.. Bio is now going to show his true colors by responding to the people’s protests with a very heavy hand. He has even threatened this in his nationwide address . Bio, without cracking his crooked teeth, warned that there is going to be a serious crackdown , one that will cause many unavoidable inconveniences( His own words ).

Bio cannot help being the brutal dictator he is because of the situation in Sierra Leone.

Bio’s performance in power is lackadaisical , anaemic, indolent, insolvent, directionless, irksome, foolish , damaging and blood-stained, but who will tell him the truth ? All democratic channels are compromised and bought. There is nobody with testicular fortitude to challenge his dictatorship, except Adebayor and a very few of us. In this situation, only Bio, his mob and his death squads will profit .

Our country is really going to the dogs but the Bio mob and hypocritical people want us to be quiet. But nothing will silence us. Even with the threats of killing us or seeking our extradition to Sierra Leone, we shall continue to speak the truth. We will never stop pointing out to President Bio that he is a failure and his repressive and bloody leadership style are the problems in Sierra Leone.

It is not the people or the opposition. The problem is President Bio. The problem is the SLPP.