Over 24 hours after, the Government of Sierra Leone has remained silent on the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by the Government of Russia.

Sierraloaded previously reported that in the early hours of Thursday, February 24, 2022, Russian President, Vladimir Putin in a televised address announced a “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Shortly after his address, major Ukrainian cities such as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol and Dnipro were attacked. ‘Hundreds’ of Ukrainian troops were killed as bombs rained from the sky, while Ukrainian troops reportedly downed five Russian planes in retaliation. Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has also announced the country’s readiness to hand over weapons to citizens who are willing to defend themselves.

The Ghanaian government has asked its citizens in Ukraine to shelter themselves in their homes or go take shelter in government places of shelter.

A statement posted by the Ghanaian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reads; “The Government of Ghana is gravely concerned about the security and safety of our over 1000 students and other Ghanaians in Ukraine and has asked them to shelter in place in their homes or in government places of shelter, as we engage the authorities, our relevant diplomatic missions and our honorary consul on further measures.”

The Nigerian government has also issued an advisory to its citizens in Ukraine, saying they are “responsible for their personal security and safety.”

“The embassy urges Nigerian nationals resident in Ukraine to remain calm but be very vigilant and be responsible for their personal security and safety,” the Nigerian Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, said in a statement shared on Twitter by the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM).

As a press time, Sierraloaded understands that the Government of Sierra Leone is yet to release a statement or give direction for its citizens in Ukraine. Thousands of Sierra Leone live in Ukraine, many of whom are students in various higher institutions in the country.

According to Ukraine’s ministry of education and science, Sierra Leone is among the list of countries whose students are studying in Ukraine. Students from Sierra Leone and more than 150 other countries flock to Ukraine for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Medicine is a particular subject of interest for Sierra Leoneans with the Africa-Ukraine academic relationship dating back to soviet times.

Meanwhile, State House Press Secretary and Presidential Spokesman, Yusuf Keketoma Sandi has reacted to a post being circulated on social media reportedly stating the Sierra Leone Government’s position on the war in Ukraine and President Maada Bio’s plans to send troops into Ukraine to stop Russia’s invasion.