The Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE), Conrad Sackey, has announced plans to introduce civic education as a subject at the senior secondary school level.

This initiative aims to extend the subject beyond its current inclusion in primary and junior secondary education.

“Civic education has now been introduced as a stand-alone subject in primary and junior secondary schools, and there are plans to extend it to senior secondary schools,” stated Minister Sackey. He highlighted that several textbooks have already been published and distributed across schools in the country, and approximately three thousand teachers have undergone training to teach this subject.

Minister Sackey made this announcement on May 31, 2024, during the launch of the five-year Strategy Plan for the National Council for Civic Education (NACCED). The event was attended by key figures including the Director of NACCED, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, fellow ministers, parliamentarians, and civil society activists. Sackey praised the timing of the strategy plan, noting its significance in their collective effort to educate and empower the youth of Sierra Leone.

Reflecting on Sierra Leone’s resilience in the face of past challenges such as civil war, the Ebola epidemic, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the mudslide, Sackey emphasized the crucial role of education in the nation’s recovery and resilience-building process. He underscored the strength and resilience of the Sierra Leonean people and the vital importance of education in this context.

Minister Sackey reaffirmed his commitment to advancing the education sector for the benefit of all Sierra Leoneans, stressing the importance of civic education in fostering informed and engaged citizens.