Some military officers of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) visited Liberia as part of the process of extraditing former Sierra Leone Police Superintendent, Mohamed ‘Yeatay Yeatay’ Turay to the country.

Turay is being accused by Sierra Leone’s Security Sector of being one of the leaders of the failed coup in the West African State.

Liberian newspaper, FrontPage reported on Monday that the former Police Superintendent was arrested over an accusation of “plotting to overthrow President Julius Maada Bio”.

They said Turay was in Police custody and could possibly face extradition to his country, Sierra Leone.

In a press briefing on Tuesday 8th August 2023, Inspector General of Police William Fayia Sellu said 19 military men, police, and civilians have been arrested in connection to the “botched subversion”.

“8 are middle-level officers, 6 non-commissioned officers, 2 police officers, 1 retired Police superintendent, and 2 civilians,” IG Sellu said.

The security sector has been discreet in revealing the names of the said plotters.

Lawyer and senior politician of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC), Ady Macauley challenged the government to reveal more details on the said arrests. He added also that the Liberian government should try not violating the rights of Turay.