Sierra Leonean Popular singer Atical Foyoh during his visit to the Southern Regional Headquarters Town, Bo has lavished praises on Babadi Kamara for the recent construction of the Southern Arena in the country.

According to him, 

“He welcomed me with unimaginable awe and warmth that speaks volumes of modesty and apt civility. Babadi na real mortal man! With open arms, he welcomed me and greeted me with a smile only a pure heart can fantom… Babadi brought modernism to our locality.

I duff my hat in honour of Babadi’s extravagant display of statesmanship. No words can comfortably be coined together to express how much I appreciate his disposition. God bless his (Babadi) humble soul

Babadi is a man whose love for our country can in no way be questioned. He has demonstrated that with comfort and convenience as seen in the BO stadium’’. He stated.

He confessed that Sierra Leone needs people like Babadi who are ready to sacrifice amidst difficulties and make the face of the country stands at international standards.