The Sierra Leone Olympic Committee headed by Dr. Patrick Coker has dumped Labrum Clothing brand who is owned by a Sierra Leonean for an unknown foreign brand KSG in the last minutes of the kick off of the 2021 Olympic 2020 in Tokyo.

Sierraloaded had previously reported how Labrum Clothing donated kits to the Sierra Leone National Olympic Committee.

Sierra Sports reports that official contract had been signed and official unveiling has been done with Labrum Clothing but at the last minute, they Olympic committee sneaked into a hotel room and asked the athletes to wear a different brand by some white company that’s not even a fashion brand.

“Money Wasted, time wasted, relationship destroyed, Collaborating ruined. Have no idea the long damage you guys just caused”, A fan of Labrum wrote on social media following the development.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.