Sierra Leone has on the 21st May, 2024 joined other African Union Member States, Gulf countries, Jordan and Lebanon at the First Doha Dialogue to enhance labour mobility in Qatar.

The delegation from Sierra Leone involved representatives from the Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Security, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who are currently in Doha to participate in the inaugural Doha Dialogue.

The meeting was initiated by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the African Union (AU), which is aimed to facilitate the exchange of experiences and ideas to enhance inter-regional labour mobility.

The conference served as an important platform for public discourse between African countries, which are the origins of many migrant workers, and key Middle Eastern destinations such as the GCC countries, Jordan, and Lebanon. The dialogue aims to strengthen cooperation efforts and foster partnerships that benefit all parties involved in the labour migration process.

It was reported that, participants will talk about and exchange new ideas and best practices that can improve the contractual work cycle for migrant workers which started on the 21st May, 2024 and may end on the 22nd May, 2024.

The meeting also aimed at establishing human rights-based protection measures to ensure mutual benefits for both the sending and receiving regions as part of enhancing developmental relationships.

The initiative is expected to result in actionable strategies and partnerships aimed at improving the conditions and protections for migrant workers. By fostering a cooperative approach.

The Doha Dialogue aspires to create a more sustainable and humane framework for labour migration that acknowledges the contributions of migrant workers and ensures their well-being.