A petition calling for a ban on the narcotic drug “Kush” has garnered over 3,000 signatures on Change.org.

The petition, initiated by social media blog Salone Gossip, urges the government to halt Kush imports under the banner “End Kush and Other Illegal Substances, Save Lives.”

This surge in activism follows the recent burials of 32 suspected Kush casualties at Kingtom cemetery, Freetown.

Alimamy James Bangura, a concerned citizen, echoed the petition’s sentiments, urging the government and stakeholders to address the “devastating impact of Kush on our community.”

Local health authorities report a significant rise in drug-related deaths among young people in recent years. This alarming trend has ignited calls for immediate intervention.

“The escalating crisis of young people succumbing to Kush and other illicit substances is disturbing and alarming,” the petition states. “The tragic mass burials of 32 youths, whose potential was extinguished by these lethal drugs, compels us to raise our voices and demand action from the government. This urgency is amplified by the deafening silence from our leaders.”

The petition highlights Sierra Leone’s long battle against illegal drugs and criticizes the lack of decisive action to curb their spread. It demands accountability for those involved in the import, distribution, and facilitation of access to these substances.

“We urge you to stand with us by signing this petition, compelling the government to act swiftly and decisively,” the petition concludes.