Sierra Leone Police has arrested social media commentator and rapper, Tazmo Sliz in his home town of Makeni, Bombali district.

According to sources from Makeni, Tazmo is presently in police custody and he will be transferred to Freetown for further questioning. His arrest came as a result of abusive verbal attack against the Fullah ethnic group few days ago on his ago on Facebook live.

Tazmo is rapper who is uses his platform to inform Sierra Leoneans on the daily happenings. He usually go live on Facebook and brief his audience on current issues. As an artiste also, he has released over four (4) songs each with video.

Tazmo Sliz made a tribal comment on Boss La and the adopted son of Madam Asmaa James, Mohamed Harass Barrie after abusing the late mother of Boss La as a revenge. Since both of them are Fullahs, the social media commentator said something towards the their tribe which went against the Fullah Union that led to his arrest.