A special disciplinary tribunal has been set up by the Police Management to investigate allegations of insubordination, disobedience and tyrannical conduct against Assistant Inspector General of Police, (AIG) Mohamed Brima-Jah.

Until his recent suspension from office, AIG Brima-Jah was the Director of Professional Standards in the Sierra Leone Police Force. The special disciplinary tribunal is headed by AIG Amadu Mannah.

AIG Brima-Jah has been invited to appear before the special disciplinary tribunal at Police Headquarters today. If he fails to appear, according to senior Police sources, he would be tried in absentia.

The recommendations from the special disciplinary tribunal are expected to be forwarded to the Police Council headed by the Honorable Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh for action. The Police Council is expected to meet on Wednesday, 8th September, 2021.

The Inspector General of Police, Dr. Ambrose Michael Sovula decided to transfer AIG Brima-Jah from the position of Director of Crime Services to Director of Professional Standards following a litany of complaints against AIG Brima Jah from some members of the public for unprofessional conduct.

The Independent Police Complaint Board (IPCB) has already forwarded six reports against AIG Brima-Jah to the Police Council for action. These reports are said to be very damning, according to senior Police sources.

Last week, AIG Brima-Jah granted an interview to Radio Democracy 98.1 in which he alleged that he was being hounded out of the Police Force because he advised the Inspector General of Police not to meddle with the process leading to promotions in the Force.

It would be recalled that, before the restructuring of the Sierra Leone Police Force under the Tejan Kabbah led-SLPP administration, there were nineteen ranks in the Force. Those ranks were collapsed to nine after the restructuring. That made it very difficult for promotions to be effected in the Police Force.

Those ranks have now been reinstated by IG Dr. Sovula to make way for young, brilliant and hardworking junior officers to be promoted to higher ranks.

The Police Force had advertised for vacancies in the Force some six months ago after the Police Council approved the reinstatement of the old ranks. Before promotions are made for senior officers, the Police Council has to approve before the list is published.

From the rank of Chief Inspector downwards, promotion is at the discretion of the Inspector General of Police. The Inspector General does not need the approval of the Police Council.

IG Dr. Sovula has worked very hard to make the Police Force more professional, disciplined, credible, and above all trust worthy. He has signed cooperation agreement with the Nigeria Police Force to train senior Police officers in line with international best practice. He is due to sign another cooperation agreement with the New York Police to train senior Police officers on standard policing guidelines.

AIG Brima-Jah is expected to face disciplinary action if found wanting by the special tribunal set up to investigate his conduct in the Police Force.

The Inspector General of Police, Dr. Ambrose Michael Sovula declined an interview with the Global Times last night. He referred us to the Police Media team.