The Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police, Mr. William Fayia Sellu, has on September 14, 2023 extended a warm welcome to the fourth contingent of the Formed Police Unit at the Sierra Leone Peacekeeping and Law Enforcement Academy (SILEA), Hastings Campus.

These officers had successfully concluded their peacekeeping mission in Somalia and were now returning to serve in Sierra Leone.

During the event, IGP Sellu praised the contingent for their exceptional performance in Somalia and stressed the importance of maintaining this high standard in their home country. He announced that they would remain together as a unit for a certain period, taking on specialized policing assignments, especially during the upcoming festive season.

Sellu highlighted their role as a reserve force to support operational activities, assuring them that they would not face undue pressure but should always be prepared for their duty calls.

He specifically mentioned, “you are going to be a reserve force, as we need this manpower to support operational activities.

The Inspector General also discussed the changes that had occurred during their absence, including the conduct of multi-tier elections and internal adjustments within the Sierra Leone Police organization. He emphasized the significance of ensuring safety and security during the critical period from December 1st to January 15th when tourists and members of the diaspora would be visiting Sierra Leone.

Sellu made it clear that the Sierra Leone Police had adopted a zero-tolerance policy toward drug abuse and cautioned against any involvement in politics, underlining that police officers’ loyalty should be to the organization and the nation.

In conclusion, the Inspector General mentioned the benefits of participating in special assignments, which included additional training opportunities. The contingent’s extensive training during their mission contributed to their high rating by the AU Assessment Team.

Inspector General Sellu encouraged all to work diligently for the safety and security of the country and extended his best wishes to the returning contingent in their roles and within their respective communities.