Sierra Leone Police Officers Caught Dragging a Man And Hitting His Head on The Ground in Brutal Arrest

Five Sierra Leonean police officers have been seen in a disturbing video showing brutal arrest of a young Sierra Leonean Man.

Police officers gobbled up man, two holding his feet from behind and one in front holding his hands which were already cuffed. The Police Officer in front continuously hit the man’s head on the ground which made him let out a loud cry; wayo me mama, wayo me mamaยด.

A total abuse of power is portrayed in that video, treating fellow human worse than an animal.

What crime did he commit for him to be treated like that? The use of force was too much and dangerous. That man would have sustained severe inner injuries, especially from that second hit, his head bounced on the hard rock.

How can a police officer be brutal in such a manner? His behaviour was inhuman and way out of the law. This police officer should face criminal charges.

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