Towards fighting corruption in Sierra Leone, Francis Ben Kaifala, Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission, revealed that the country has attained a record score of 35/100 in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2023. As of January 30, 2024, the latest rankings depict Sierra Leone’s rise to the 108th position out of 180 countries, signifying notable progress in its anti-corruption endeavors.

Kaifala highlighted the positive development, stating, “The recently unveiled TI Corruption Perception Index 2023 showcases Sierra Leone at the 108th spot among 180 countries with an impressive score of 35 โ€“ its highest to date. This marks a two-place ascent from 2022, underscoring consistent advancement since 2018. Sierra Leone has made a commendable climb of 22 positions, transitioning from 130 in 2017 to its current standing in 2023.”

The Commissioner pointed out that Sierra Leone’s enhanced ranking surpasses that of 72 countries globally, positioning the nation ahead of 31 countries in Africa, including Kenya, Nigeria, Liberia, Guinea, and others. Kaifala credited this success to the effectiveness of the country’s anti-corruption strategies, asserting, “The ongoing upward trajectory in the TI index and other global corruption assessments validates the efficacy of our strategies. We remain unwavering in our dedication to continual improvement and extend appreciation to the combined efforts of the President and the citizens of Sierra Leone.”

Sierra Leone’s notable strides in combating corruption mirror a sustained commitment to transparency and accountability. While the nation celebrates this accomplishment, the call to reinforce anti-corruption initiatives persists, reinforcing the belief that persistent efforts will contribute to an even more favorable ranking in the future. Congratulations echo for Sierra Leone on this significant advancement in the global fight against corruption.