A new video footage of Amadu Koita and others allegedly plotting the November 26 ‘attempted coup’ has been tendered in court by the State Prosecution.

State prosecutor J.A.K. Sesay has produced and tendered into evidence CCTV footage obtained from the Sierra Leone Correctional Service, showing Amadu Koita Makalo and other accused individuals involved in both the treason and court-martial trials, breaking into the Correctional Service facility infamously called the Pademba Road Prison.”

In the video, individuals identified as Amadu Koita and his associates can be seen engaging in heated debates and private conversations, all transpiring in front of the prison gates. The emergence of this footage adds another layer to the ongoing investigation into the events of November 26, 2023.

Amadu Koita, who is currently standing trial as the primary accused, faces charges of treason brought forth by the Sierra Leonean government. The government alleges that Koita and his cohorts orchestrated an attempt to overthrow President Julius Maada Bio’s administration.

The November 26 incident witnessed armed assailants launching coordinated attacks on military armories, barracks, prisons, and police stations, resulting in clashes with security forces. The violence led to the loss of twenty-one lives and the escape of hundreds of prisoners before authorities managed to regain control.

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