In a recent release by Ranking Royals, Sierra Leone has been ranked third behind Afghanistan and Lebanon in the Most Stressed Nation worldwide list.

Globally, RankingRoyals is one of the World’s fastes-growing online educational platforms.

They provide the world’s information more accessible to every corner of the globe. Since 2019, they have been successfully reaching a global audience with a vision. 

They provide Data and Stats together from all over the World and tell the stories to a Global Audience.

They stated that the list is coupled based on Surveys fielded in 2021 and 2022 in 122 countries around the world.

They questioned 122,000 people who established that the countries in which people were most likely to state that they experienced stress the previous day were Afghanistan, Lebanon, and

Sierra Leone.

In the list, Sierra Leone showed 61% which is higher than 15 countries. The country is going through several challenges just like the rest of the world and having to show such results will not surprisese most of the populace.