The government of Sierra Leone has announced removal of travel authorization for passengers entering or leaving the country.

The Sierra Leone Travel Authorization was implemented in 2021 to screen incoming international travelers for COVID-19 related symptoms, identify their travel history and store contact details in order to overcome the risks associated with traveling during the coronavirus pandemic.

All visitors were required to fill out a Travel Authorization via portal before their trip, regardless of age and country of origin.

However, in a letter on Thursday signed by Amara Jambai, the Chairman of Sierra Leone’s National COVID Emergency Response Centre (NaCOVERC), the travel authorization generated from the portal will no longer be required by passengers.

The letter addressed to the Director General of Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority reads, “Based on the COVID-19 Presidential Task Force (PTF) decision at one of its meetings on transition of NaCOVERC functions to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation for all COVID-19 operations, completion of the Travel Portal is no longer a requirement for passengers entering or leaving Sierra Leone. Furthermore, travel authorization generated by this portal will no longer be required by passengers.”