On December 28, 2023, the Ministry of Transport and Aviation sent a significant communication to The Chairperson, Board of Airlines Representative (BAR), informing them of a pivotal development regarding Freetown International Airport. The Government of Sierra Leone has successfully negotiated and reached an agreement with FIA Ltd., previously known as Summa Airport (SL) Ltd., for the implementation of the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) arrangement.

As a consequence of this agreement, a revision of airport charges has been outlined, set to be effective from March 1, 2024, and extending beyond. The revised charges, as provided in the table, reflect adjustments in several key areas.

Passenger Service Charge:
• Present Charges: $25
• New Charges: $35
• Collected by FIA Ltd.

Airport Development Charge:
• Present Charges: $5
• New Charges:
• 2024: $100
• 2025: $101
• 2026: $102
• Incrementally increases by $1 yearly for the concession period of 33 years.

Airport Safety Fee:
• Present Charges: $0.00
• New Charges: $20
• Collected by FIA Ltd.

Air Navigation Charge:
• Present Charges: $0.00
• New Charges: $20
• Collected by Sierra Leone Airports Authority.

The Ministry of Transport and Aviation has requested the Board of Airlines Representative (BAR) to apply to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for the necessary adjustments related to items one (1) to four (4) in the provided table.

It is essential to note that the Aviation Security Charge, set at 39 USD per international departing passenger, remains unchanged and will continue to be collected by FIA Ltd.

Additionally, in collaboration with FIA Ltd., the Government of Sierra Leone declares the introduction of several Aeronautical Fees listed in Annex-1 (items 5-9). These fees will be applicable and effective starting March 1, 2024. All Aeronautical Fees are mandated to be paid in USD currency (American Dollar) directly to the USD bank accounts of FIA Ltd. (formerly SUMMA Airports (SL) Ltd.).

The revised Aeronautical Fees include:

Landing Charges (per each landing International and Domestic aircraft):
• Up to 8.00 tons: $28.00 per ton
• 8.01 to 25.00 tons: $0.00
• 25.01 to 50.00 tons: $4.60 per ton
• 50.01 to 150.00 tons: $6.60 per ton
• 150.01 to 200.00 tons: $8.30 per ton
• Over 200 tons: $9.60 per ton

Parking Fee:
• $3.05 per ton/hr

Shelter Fee:
• $4.36 per ton/day

Cargo Royalty Fee:
• $5.46 per 0.2 kg

Fuel Charge:
• $6.35 per 0.1/Liter

This official letter supersedes any previous correspondence on the subject. The implementation of these revised charges aims to facilitate the sustained development and operational efficiency of Freetown International Airport over the coming years.