In the World Giving Index 2022, Sierra Leone claimed the 7th position, surpassing Canada and the entirety of Europe. This ranking was released by the UK’s Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

The criteria for the index encompass acts like aiding unfamiliar individuals, contributing financially to charitable causes, and the time dedicated to volunteerism, aiming to measure a nation’s generosity.

For over ten years, CAF has been publishing this insightful index. Initiated post the global financial crash, this extensive study now offers a window into the world’s philanthropic shifts during and after the Covid-19 crisis. The research delves deep, investigating three primary gestures of kindness, querying if participants had recently:

  • Assisted an unknown person in need?
  • Contributed monetarily to a charitable institution?
  • Offered their time voluntarily to any organization?

Recent global happenings have highlighted the pivotal role of civil societies and the significance of united global efforts. Some standout insights from the CAF World Giving Index include:

  • Indonesia retains its title as the world’s most philanthropic nation for the fifth consecutive year.
  • The list of the top ten altruistic nations saw considerable shuffling in 2021.
  • In 2021, over three billion individuals extended their help to strangers.
  • The year 2021 observed a record number of monetary donations.

Neil Heslop, CAF’s Chief Executive, remarked on the findings, noting the surge in global giving trends amidst the pandemic and resulting economic challenges. Notably, he highlighted the amplified inclination of people assisting strangers and the heightened benevolence observed in several Central and South American and African nations.

He further commented on the evolving nature of generosity during these trying times, emphasizing CAF’s commitment to monitoring these essential shifts. Such trends in giving often align with the pursuit of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, reflecting global endeavors towards social betterment.