The common topic of discussion now among disappointed Sierra Leoneans today is now described as the tyrannical regime of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) under the supervision of President Julius Maada Bio.

Sierra Leoneans voted for Bio with the hope that he would have been the best gentleman to transform the country and it citizens, but to the greatest surprise of majority Sierra Leoneans, the country has gone from bad to worse, as a result of poor management of the country’s economy.

What is frustrating among citizens is the prevailing propaganda of officials in the bio’s administration since they took over the mantle of leadership since 2018.

It was unbelievable for President Bio to publicly announced that he had performed or delivered his campaign promises beyond the SLPP’s 2018 manifesto, when Sierra Leoneans are still going to bed with empty stomachs, as a result of the general increase in price of food commodities, including rice, which is the staple food for Sierra Leoneans.

During the era of former President Koroma, mining companies like African Minerals Limited, London mining and others provided jobs for the youths, but the Bio regime terminated contract of certain mining companies, on the impression that the Government of former President Koroma did not go through Parliamentary approval or legal process for mining companies to continue operating legitimately. The action of the Bio Government to discourage investors in the mining sector had rendered citizens jobless.

According to information doing the rounds among meaningful Sierra Leoneans, the SLPP would be removed from power next year for the indiscriminate massacre or killing of armless civilians at the Pademba Road Prison, without instituting any investigation against the trigger-happy police officers, the shooting of civilians in Makeni for generator, the Lunsar and Tombo destruction, among other human rights violations.

This is the first Government in the history of Serra Leone to witness this appalling situation of high cost of living, which the central government could not address.

Bio and SLPP will definitely show the exit door for the too many unfulfilled promises.

According to Sierra Express, citizens across the country will also remember Bio when the New Direction will relinquish power next year for the Free Quality Education scheme, which had exposed parents to multiple spending, as a result of the high increase in price of school materials including books, shoes, school bags, and other necessary learning materials, which President Bio failed to include in the FQE package, as he had promised during the 2018 Presidential debate.

In that regard, citizens are calling on the leadership of the All Peoples Congress (APC) to do the right thing by coming together because it is the only political party with the might to uplift the country from the prevailing abject poverty.