In a heartfelt message penned to Sierra Leoneans on the occasion of the country’s 63rd Independence Anniversary, Mr. Abu Bakarr “Boxx” Konteh, the Organizing Secretary for the opposition All People’s Congress in the North West Region, expressed deep gratitude for the support he received during challenging times.

Konteh, in a post shared on social media, explained that the delay in his message was due to his inability to access his Facebook account. He expressed his appreciation to his family, friends, both within the APC and the SLPP, and fellow Sierra Leoneans who supported him throughout his journey.

He reiterated his commitment to unity and progress for Sierra Leone, pledging to work tirelessly towards fostering national development. Konteh concluded his message with a quote urging everyone to follow their bliss and work towards building a nation that promotes unity, peace, and justice.

His message reads in full:

“Today, I write this brief note after a couple of days struggling to scribble my heart in or note. I have succumbed to the fact that it will be impossible for me to fully express the of gratitude I feel towards You. I therefore humbly appeal that You read beyond every word that follows after this into the mind and heart of the Abu Bakarr “Boxx” Konteh Y have come to know over the years.

“I am indeed filled with a deep sense of gratitude for all the sacrifice, love and care You demonstrated towards me through my trying times.

“To My Beloved Family, I have never been more certain that if given another chance will not compromise having You as my bloodline over and over again.

“To My Friends both within the APC and the SLPP, You have showed me that True Lo knows no color or political affiliation. You have stood by me in both the fire and the joll and for this I am eternally grateful.

“My beloved APC party, I am even more convinced that we are one progressive and family. I will use this medium to once again pledge my unwavering allegiance to our id and essence. I am deeply grateful.

“To My fellow Sierra Leoneans who stood by me, posted my picture in solidarity, scri statements in my support, recorded videos and all other efforts made, You are the rea am a politician today and I Vow to continue work tirelessly towards fostering unity and progress for us all and in this Our beloved country Sierra Leone.

“I am Abu Bakarr “Boxx” Konteh and this means that till my last breath, I WILL REMAI PEACE-LOVING PROGRESSIVE SIERRA LEONEAN I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN. On this day today, as Sierra Leone turns 63, let us all reflect on how much we have de better Sierra Leone, what we could have done and what more we can do to build a na that fosters unity, peace and justice.

“I could go on endlessly pouring out my heart that is overwhelmed with gratitude but w this note with a quote; “FOLLOW YOUR BLISS AND THE UNIVERSE WILL OPEN D WHERE THERE WERE ONLY WALLS.” – Joseph Campbell”