Some Sierra Leoneans have reacted to the new campaign slogan of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) ahead of June 2023 general elections.

As campaign period approaches, images of T-Shirts with the inscriptions “Wae posin fail mek e repeat – Bio 2023” which can be loosely translated as “If someone fails let him remains in the same position” surfaced on social media today.

This slogan is alluded to the views and perceptions carried by some Sierra Leoneans, especially opposition supporters that the Julius Maada Bio led government has woefully failed the people of Sierra Leone. They argued that the increasing rate of poverty, economic hardship, soaring prices of basic commodities on a daily basis in the country are some factors of failure of the ruling government.

In response, some supporters of the ruling party have sarcastically stated that since President Bio has failed the nation, he should be ‘repeated’ (continue to stay in power).

Meanwhile, some Sierra Leoneans have taken to social media to have their say on the new SLPP’s campaign slogan.

“Sierra Leoneans will not accept this T-Shirt message as a call to vote for President Bio. They are just telling people that President Bio and his government do not fit to stay in power. This is not a good campaign strategy. This is suicide,” Popular whistleblower, Dr. John Idriss Lahai stated on his Facebook page.

“It’s possible that the ruling party have woefully underestimated the intelligence of Sierra Leone’s electorate. Then again it’s possible that there’s intelligent life in Mars,” Sheka Forna tweeted.

“Free quality Education in all its pomp pageantry and glory… I want to believe that is just someone being incredibly mischievous and wickedly witty… one suspect comes to mind immediately..” Martin E Michael reacted.

“I use to hear that failures bound their heads in shame and leave. What happened to that honorable belief?” Alhaji A. Sesay asked.

“One word sums it up, Arrogance! This isn’t about political party affiliation or tribalism. It’s about consequences of government failure. It leads to hunger and poor standard of living,” Jeffery Williams blasted.

“If someone failed woefully, he should be expelled,” Fatmata Kamara succinctly stated.

“I’m happy they know and accept they failed woefully . It’s just too bad we have no space for repeaters,” Avril Schlenker asserted.