Following the coup d’état led by captain Mamadi Dumbuya and team in Guinea on the 5th September 2021. Military officers attached at the border crossing point in Pamalap (Sierra Leone-Guinea Axis) have closed the Main entry point, while information reaching us that Sierra Leoneans are safe.

Senior border monitoring officer attached at the Pamalap crossing point said due to the incident that occurred on Sunday in Guinea they have decided to close the boarder for proper security measures to be instituted, whiles adding that the country is presently not stable looking at the present situation of the country. Community members living within the border line have expressed their concerns over the situation in Guinea.

Speaking to the Press Attaché’ to the Republic of Guinea, Sitta Turay to this medium that Sierra Leoneans are safe and presently residing in their various communities. Asking whether government of Sierra Leone are putting plans in place to repatriate citizens, Mr. Turay said that is too early to preempt but that the government is concern about their security.

Mr. Turay added that Sierra Leoneans safety is the Embassy’s paramount concern and that they have admonished all to keep away from Guinean politics and stay within their communities. He said the border the situation comes with perennial issues between countries, but expressed optimism that it will be reopen very soon and called on all to exercise patience.

According to a trader plying the two countries Fatmata Kamara said it is difficult for them to continue their business activities because of the coup d’état in Guinea and that all their luggage are stock in the vehicle, while few have started decomposing due to bad weather condition.   She called on the authorities to help salvage their situation.

Furthermore, the boarder at the end of Sierra Leone is open, police and military officers attached to Gbalamuya customs Post continue to allowed passengers plying between the two countries without any challenge.

The other side in Guinea which is presently closed allows only motor bikes to enter Pamalap.

No vehicle is allowed to cross into the Guinean territory presently.

However, stranded traders and travellers have intimated this medium that some illegal crossing and struggling of items is ongoing. Our correspondent spoke to a bike rider said because of the present situation in Guinea military officers are harassing passengers, business people to pay certain amount before been allowed to enter Pamalap for Conakry.

He ended by calling on authorities of both countries to reactivate trade activities of military officers attached between the two countries.