Sierramin Bauxite (SL) Limited which is a Subsidiary to Devvon Impex Limited informs the inform everyone that Sierramin Bauxite (SL) Limited exclusively owns the PortLoko Bauxite Concessions.

Further to the press releases issued by Ubique Minerals Limited on 5 August 2021 and 7 September 2021, Sierramin Bauxite (SL) Limited a subsidiary to Devvon Impex Limited (A Canada/China based Company,) wishes to clarify that it continues to be the exclusive license’s holder for PortLoko Bauxite Project.

Sierramin Bauxite (SL) Limited has allocated $80 Million to the Bauxite Mining and $350 Million in building an Alumina Plant in Port Loko District. The company is currently engaged in mobilizing its operational equipment that will bring the project into full mining operations in November 2021, and has a mine development plan that will enhance the export of the first shipment early next year.

Sierramin Bauxite (SL) Limited also wishes to clarify that it has no legal connection or affiliation with Alumina Ventures Limited, nor has it been acquired by Alumina Ventures Limited. Sierramin Bauxite (SL) Limited has no plans to enter into any agreement to collaborate with them.