Ladies pretend a lot not when they are falling in love, they are always visible to the blind.

Even at that, many are still clever dumb like Merlin to know when a girl is falling in love with them.

So how do you know she is falling you?

1. She Holla Whenever She Sees You: Let’s say you are gently walking like an hungry snail down the corridor of your department and she is closely far from you yet she calls after you. If a girl continually calls on you whenever she sees you from distance on campus check my brother, someone is falling in love with you.

2. She Smiles At Everything You Say: A word and she smiles like someone whose happiness, incarcerated for decades has just been released. My brother ask yourself, are you a comedian? If you think its joviality then you are a smart simpleton.

3. Make Friends With Your Friends: Good old days, isn’t it? When you love this girl you make friends with her friends to easily get to her. You guys agreed to club together tonight only you getting to the club and your friends introducing someone to you as “Caro.” Funny enough there is no one to dance with except Caro. A coincidence? Deactivate your account if your answer is Yes!!

4. She Is Everywhere You Go: At the Library, Sport complex, Movies just name it she is there when you are there. Funny thing is she come bringing pop corn for you, sitting beside you and smiling like a glorious fool. Ask yourself is she Airtel?

5. She Embarrasses Herself For You: She knows it is embarrassing, a denigration of self and degradation of self worth yet she did it. One thing can make a girl lower her pride and that is Love.When incandescent with it anything can happen.

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