What are the signs someone is thinking about you? Is there a definite way of finding out that someone likes you? If you experience a sudden change of emotional state, random hiccups, repeated sneezing, or similar, these are legit signs someone is thinking about you.

Have you ever been in a situation where you cannot understand how and why it happened?

However, in this article, we will be discussing 5 sure signs someone is thinking about you.

1. Unexpected romantic changes

This has almost definitely happened to you, only you probably didn’t understand why it happened. You were in a good mood, cracking jokes, laughing your ass off. But then all of a sudden, a huge change of emotional state occurred. You started to feel depressed, like someone or something drained you completely. You didn’t want to smile or crack jokes. The only thing you wanted to do was to retreat, close up, and feel negative and sad or depressed. Probably right at that moment, someone was thinking about you. This is also one of the Law of Attraction signs someone is thinking about you. They are manifesting you using the Law of Attraction.

2. Your subconscious brings you to close together

Have you ever wondered why and how people fall in love with each other? Or, to be more specific, have you ever wondered how men fall in love with you? What is something that brings you closer and closer to that person? Well, once again, this has something to do with your subconscious and the vibes that are surrounding you and are so obvious it’s like they are touching you. Sadly, people often don’t recognize happiness even if it hits them right in the face. If the person who is thinking about you is the right man for you, you will meet sooner or later. And when you meet, you will find out that life tried to get the two of you together many times.

3. Extraordinary eye movements

If you’re dealing with allergies or any other eye conditions, you can exclude this sign. But if you’re not and your eye suddenly goes crazy, that could be your mind sensing something. A sudden itch or twitching of your eye could be a legit sign someone is thinking about you. But, there is a catch. Just because you’re on someone’s mind, this doesn’t have to mean they like you. It doesn’t have to mean they are thinking positively about you. It can be the other way around. They could be trash-talking you or mentioning you in any other negative way.

4. Worried mind

The human mind is extraordinary. It’s so magical and partly unexplored. It has limitless power. Try to just think of all the things you can do with your mind. Even trying to set a boundary in our mind is impossible, isn’t it? So, think about how many ideas you can produce and how many solutions you can find to pretty much anything. You just have to crack the code to use your mind to the fullest, or at least to try to do that.

5. Encouraging energy

Our mind is truly remarkable, and as it’s capable of sensing negative energy and bad-mouthing, it can also sense when someone loves us and supports us. Even if they are miles away, our mind can feel them, as if we are connected. Another way couples can feel their connection is when they feel an uplifting of energy or overall feeling. It happens when a person is feeling broken, down or depressed and they can sense a switch of their energy, just because their partner is thinking about making them feel better.