Popular Sierra Leonean blogger and CEO of DurayLife Blog, Sillah Koroma commonly known as Siltech has broken silence after singer Silver Dee clashed with Mr Sierra Leone 2018, Mohamed K-Mill Kamanoh over the donation that was raised by K-Mill for Silver Dee’s medical treatment.

According to Siltech, the sister of the singer denied of receiving donation money from K-Mill which he debunked. He added that there are records to the effect that the Mr Sierra Leone handed over the money to the family. “If SILVER DEE sister said that K MILL didn’t give them SILVER DEE donation money, that a big lie and everything is on record for her information.” He condemned the action of the sister for sharing her Orange Money number for the donations after K-Mill’s Orange Money number has gone viral. According to him, the sister of Silver Dee blocked him on the Facebook account of the singer when he wanted to stop her from sharing her Orange Money number. He described the action of the singer and his family as “ungrateful”.

Blogger Sillah Koroma

“I have said to myself that i will never put my mouth on SILVER DEE issue but i have to jump in because only the truth can set us free in this ungrateful world, Mohamed K-mill Kamanoh may Allah bless you for standing up for a brother but what i heard if that the way the family want to pay you back my brother be strong let Allah fight your case,

I’m the first one who take notice of everything that is coming up now the time SILVER sister gave another Orange Money number so that people can send donations there after we have share K MILL Orange money number on social media few days ago before Silver sister share her own, because i speak out the truth SLIVER DEE sister block me through SILVER DEE account so that i will not have chance to stop her plan, the same day i called K MILL and told him about it and also advise him to take records of everything he is spending on SILVER DEE treatment and he listened to me on that.

Mohamed K-Mill Kamanoh and Silver Dee

K MILL started to take records of every money he spent on SILVER DEE medical treatment and send it to me or sometime he will call me and explain everything how the treatment is going, if SILVER DEE sister said that K MILL didn’t give them SILVER DEE donation money that a big lie and everything is on record for her information.

SMH … what an ungrateful world.” he posted.

Few weeks ago, a cross-section of Sierra Leonean entertainers which was led by top Model and Mr Sierra Leone 2018, Mohamed K-Mill Kamanoh cried for financial help from Sierra Leoneans for one of their colleagues, Silver Dee who was in need of medical treatment.

It came after Silver Dee informed his fans on Facebook that he is sick and need prayers from them. He was visited by K-Mill who informed Sierra Leoneans about the condition of the singer and asked for financial support.

“On behalf of Waterloo music and the Entertainment industry in Sierra Leone, please let save our brother life Silver Dee, I paid him a visit today the brother needs us please,🙏 for help you can donate on this number 075410606.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏” K-Mill posted.

The campaign was joined by bloggers like Sillah Koroma, NappyBoy and others and raised fund for the singer. K-Mill later posted on his Facebook page that, they raised about Le8,000,000 for Silver which was used for his medical treatment.

However, the family of the singer denied of receiving donation money from the model which made blogger Siltech to break silence and debunked their statement.