The Sierra Leone Association Of Journalist-Eastern Region has on the 23rd May, 2023 launched the media manifesto in Kenema City , captioned โ€œ The Media We Wantโ€ Media Manifesto 2023.

According to the Chairperson for SLAJ-East, Victoria Vanday Banard said the document was produced by the Sierra Leone Association of Journalist (SLAJ) and the Media Reform Coordinating Group (MRCG).

The Chairperson discussed the document together with the Media Practioners and the content of the document was clearly spelt out for all to fully understand and have it as a guide.

The engagement gathered media practioners from different Media Houses (Radio, TV and Newspaper), the Media Unit of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) and the Media Unit at the Kenema City Council respectively.

Victoria Banard revealed that, the engagement was to get media practioners abreast with the document and ensure awareness rising at a higher perspective, adding that, the document is a guide for all journalists in the media in ensuring that their works are fully guided throughout the course of their job dispensation.

She said, as Sierra Leone prepares to conduct the fifth democratic election, the media stakeholders have deemed it necessary to put together the manifesto that will serve as a road map for the media we want to have in the next five years and years to come as was taken from the introductory session of the manifesto.

She called on all journalists in the Eastern Region to work professionally and always fact-check their information well before publishing it to the general public as the media plays a pivotal role in educating the people.

The document speaks on key points ranging from; right gains made in the media, the media we want-recommendations, safety and security of journalist and welfare of journalist among others.