SLAJ Secretary General, Mohamed Asmieu Bah Expresses Gratitude After Graduating From American School of Journalism

The Secretary-General of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists, Mohamed Asmieu Bah has expressed heartfelt gratitude to all those who helped in the successful completion of his one scholarship program in the American school of journalism.

He started by giving all praises and thanks to Allah. He narrated that the journey  started in 2019 came to an end last evening as they graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism as the 2021/2022 Hubert Humphrey Fellows.” I couldn’t ask for a better school’ ‘he stated

He confirms that he never knew he would have reached the last mile because of the workload he saw when they started.

He continues to thank  Allah for choosing him among the 5000 applicants, out of whom 150 were selected,  He further thanked him for making him the first Sierra Leonean Humphrey Fellow to attend the Walter Cronkite School.

He stated that he remains humble with all these favors,, He believes he got them not because of his intelligence but because of Allah’s grace.

He further expresses appreciation to his mother Haja Ragiata Jalloh, as she showed him that a mother’s prayer for her child can never go unanswered.

He appreciated the American Embassy in Freetown and the State Department as he will be forever grateful for this opportunity, to his lovely wife Isha  who believed in him and asked him not to relent but to make her a proud wife, to his siblings, brothers, and sisters, they supported him  to the end, to his  friends they gave him courage, his boss Joe Caps he supported him and asked him to come to make him and SLBC proud, his constituents SLAJ members,  He acknowledges  the privilege they gave him to serve them,

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.He believes he came across the best of scholars whose desire was to see him succeed. His Humphrey Family believes this bond is unbreakable.


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