Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority (SLCAA) in a public notice released on the 27th November, 2023 addressed the recent revisions to curfew timings set forth by the Ministry of Information and Civic Education. SLCAA have adopted the revised curfew for safe airport operations in Sierra Leone.

The notice emphasized that airport operations would adhere to the newly established curfew parameters, specifically between 6 am and 9 pm. The SLCAA assured the general public that collaborative efforts with individual airlines were underway to ensure the smooth movement of passengers. Departing travelers were strongly advised to reach Lungi before 9 pm, the designated commencement of the curfew. The announcement also hinted at additional measures for those arriving during the curfew enforcement period, indicating a comprehensive strategy to manage airport activities efficiently.

Passengers were urged to maintain regular communication with their respective airlines and travel agents to stay informed about any updates. Moreover, compliance with directives from security forces, particularly upon arrival at the Freetown International Airport (FNA), was highlighted as crucial. This underlined the importance of passengers being vigilant and cooperative in navigating the evolving travel landscape.

As Sierra Leone adjusts its operational framework to accommodate the revised curfew, the SLCAA’s proactive stance and collaboration with airlines signal a commitment to passenger safety and seamless travel experiences.

The public notice serves as a reminder for all stakeholders, including travelers and airlines, to stay abreast of the evolving situation and adhere to guidelines set forth by the authorities. The SLCAA’s emphasis on coordination and communication reflects a strategic approach in managing air travel within the context of the revised curfew timings.