The Board and Management of Sierra Leone Commercial Bank (SLCB) has cautioned tertiary institutions in the country to be aware of student registration fraud.

The management calls on all universities, colleges, and tertiary institutions about the growing issue of students attempting to commit fraud during registration.

They went on to state the importance of registration regarding the covering of the curricula at the university.

Registration stands as a pivotal phase within the academic calendar of any tertiary institution. During this period, students officially enroll in their courses, make tuition payments, and submit necessary information for administrative purposes,” they said.

Moving on, they warn about the act of students embarking on fraud to distort the process.

Sadly, a minority of students endeavor to manipulate this process for personal gain, resorting to distorting or forging information. SLCB’s Board and Management have observed a concerning uptick in incidents involving students who engage in activities such as fabricating academic credentials, altering financial records, or resortingg to identity theft in order to secure enrolment and financial assistance. Such actions not only undermine the credibility of institutions but can also lead to significant financial losses, ” they warned.

“The management went on to assure the public of its commitment to converse this menace and will include whistle-blowing in their methods to stop this.

To address these pressing issues and safeguard the interests of our institutions, SLCB’s Board and Management shall continue to strengthen its enhanced students’ registration verification processes to detect irregularities, raise awareness on the consequences of fraudulent practices, work with authorities by collaborating with law enforcement to prosecute offenders, and more particularly encourage reporting of suspicious activities with whistle-blower protection,” the management acclaimed.