SLMA Acting Executive Director Challenges President Bio’s Instruction

The acting Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Maritime Agency, Sama Gamanga, has publicly challenged the instruction of President Bio by employing 17 directors instead of the two directors as it was ordered by His Excellency.

In May 2020 the President ordered an investigation into the Maritime Agency and Suspended seven (7) directors. He also set up a state house investigation team that spent three (3) months investigating the affairs of the administration and after that the team presented its finding and recommendations to President Bio.However, President Bio with his wisdom decided to appoint Paul Massaquoi to solve the issues surrounding the Agency.

Paul Massaqoui who was appointed by President Bio in June 2020, requested that His Excellency gave him three weeks to do some internal findings that will help him to do his job wisely.

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According to reliable source, after six weeks, President Bio called on the state house investigating team, Paul Massaquoi, the Minister of Transport and Aviation, his then deputy, and the Board Chairman to present their findings individually.

In a meeting held at state house in July 2020, the state house examining team presented it findings. The Minister and the Board’s Chairman failed to present their findings to the President simply because they are incompetent and lack of knowledge on the issues in the agency.

The Commander in Chief requested the competent Executive Director, Paul Massaquoi, to do his presentation in which he did an extra ordinary presentation.

“President Bio applauded the Oxford’s graduate Paul Massaquoi for his effort and vision to transform the Maritime, stating that anyone who completed such a wonderful work within a short period of time that person clearly understands cooperate governance and the Leader instructed the Board’s Chairman and the Ministry to work with Paul Massaquoi in his vision to transform the SLMA,” the source stated.

“One of the recommendations that were presented to the commander is that the number of directors has to be reduce from 7 to two as they strongly believed that one of the problems at the agency is the fight over position and the want of the Directorship position.” My source asserted.

The source underscored that Paul Massaquoi implemented recommendations and reviewed the entire Human Resource employment data base and later rearranged the staff base on qualification and experience instead of political Affiliation or tribe.

“For the past few months the Oxford graduate was the head of the administration and at that time there was tranquility, improvement, and cordial relationship among the staff. The like of Hassan Lahai who is completely unqualified for his current position, Mrs. Inatomer Coomber, Ibrahim Wurie, and Bammy Caulker, are the cankerworms who are eating the fabric of the agency, They felt offended and started creating all kinds of conundrums for Paul Massaqoui’s Administration, ” he stressed.

He concluded by accusing the above-named collaborators that they were creating superfluous problems simply because Paul Massaqoui put a stop to all their malpractices, including the cabalism and all other unnecessary groups and installed CCTV staff attendance monitor at the reception. He also ensured that every office was well furnished to a standard Maritime Agency Headquarter.


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