The Sierra Leone Meteorological Agency (SLMet) warned Sierra Leoneans to take precautionary measures as heavy rains continue in the month of August.

The Deputy Director-General of SLMet, Gabriel Kpaka said the country should brace for more rains in August. He pleaded with those living in slums and other disaster prone areas to take the necessary precautions.

August is one of the wettest months of the Sierra Leonean wet season. The month receives an average of 22.3 inches of rainfall every year. This renders the West African nation to be one of the wettest in the world.

SLMet warned that this wet season could bring flooding and thunderstorms in some areas across the country.

Already heavy downpours have wrecked havoc in some parts of the country including Freetown where the historic cotton tree was felled in May this year.

Slum areas like Kroo Bay experienced flooding earlier this week due to heavy downpours.

Almost six years ago in 2017, Sierra Leone witnessed its worst natural disaster when over 1,500 people were buried under a mud after a landslide at Matormeh in Regent just outside the capital, Freetown.

Experts warn that authorities most dissuade locals from dwelling in disaster prone areas avoid recurrence of the August 14 mudslide.