Say you heard it first in Nightwatch newspaper, thought it should still not come as a surprise to students and other observes of Sierra Leone’s governance history particularly as it relates to presidents and their vice.

While all has been done in broad daylight for all to see, Bio’s last ditch efforts to convince the people of Sierra Leone to re-elect him have landed a huge cate: Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella of the opposition National Grand Coalition (NGC) party.

Sources that spoke to this medium have told us that although President Bio will fail to be re-elected if the people of Sierra Leone vote on their conditions and the issues, but by landing KKY in his dragnet, what he will not be able to achieve if voting was done based on how he had failed to deliver on his 2018 campaign promises to the nation, he is hoping to do by depending on the age-old politick of “name recognition” to convince voters.

Our sources say with Sierra Leone voters big on hero-worship, PAOPA is hoping that the name KKY will convince people that although Bio had woefully failed in governing the state using sound macroeconomic policies and actions they should still trust him with their votes to continue failing them.

PAOPA strategists, they say, believed that Bio can still win votes by sing names like Alpha Khan, Foe, KKY, Andrew Kelli, Alie Kabba as people in their respective tribes, regions and communities would vote for whosoever these men supported regardless of the president’s many glaring governance failures especially on corruption, hobs and development. But the question on everyone’s mind is how Bio plans on using Dr. Yumkella. This is where the problem lies. Bio is planning the ultimate PAOPA move by replacing Vice President Juldeh Jalloh with Dr. Yumkella, whether the Vice President like it or not. This is the PAOPA way.

Our highly placed sources say Dr. Juldeh Jalloh is on his way out and will not be the president’s running mate come 2023. ‘It is already clear to NGC partisans and all that KKY has succumbed to the president’s pressure. He recently accompanied the president on key events. KKY has been cajoled into comparing and seeing himself as Chief Sam Sumana who although he had left the APC and started a very successful party, the Coalition for Change, he has nonetheless returned back to his APC roots’.

Quite recently, members of the public were taken aback when President Bio started calling on former SLPP stalwarts to come back to their roots. After he has seemingly failed to convince Andrew Kelli to come onboard., it would seem as if he has convinced KKY, who many say ‘feels indebted to the president because his two SIM cause was successful in court, or otherwise he would have been forced out of parliament and ever participating in politics without giving up his other citizenship’.

Our sources also told us that Vice President Juldeh Jalloh did himself in with the LAC matter when he and the Clemency Committee recommended that the President pardoned a convicted ritual murderer who had done 5 years of a hanging sentence. That move embarrassed the president who received a bipartisan rejection of him presidential pardoning of LAC, who was aided in fleeing the country by immigration officials who are on trial. LAC is now overseas taunting authorities, peddling his innocence. It may be recalled that they former Attorney General wa fired from his post owing to that bad advice. After the former AG, people were expecting and called on the president to replace Dr. Juldeh Jalloh.

Our sources say the Vice President has been very quiet and is even considered missing in action based on his virtual disappearance from the public space. Being seasoned international diplomate people on the streets this medium spoke to said Dr. Juldeh Jalloh should have studied the history of the relationship between our presidents as leader of the nation. One way or the other, they were all replaced with someone the presidents themselves choses over them.

Juldeh should not be surprised. As a matter of fact I don’t even think the NGC party is surprised by their boss KKY’s recent moves with the president. What came as a surprise is the fact that Bio was able to convince Dr. Yumkella despite how he left the SLPP party and how he and his mother were treated by SLPP party gangsters.

According to Nightwatch Newspaper, the SLPP supporters said the only way KKY can come back to the SLPP is as second in command. “He will not leave the NGC to be Chief Minister; never! He can only come over as Bio’s running mate, which leaves Dr. Juldeh Jalloh in a very unenviable position’.