In order for the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) to be considered as one of the democratic institutions in the country, a typical Sierra Leonean and Grand Chief Patron member of the SLPP, Stephen Sahr Mambu hadn’t only described President Bio’s endorsement or nomination in Bo as lawless, unconstitutional, undemocratic, or single handedly done by Chairman Alex Prince Harding, but he also called on stakeholders and the general membership of the SLPP to hold a special election in which members are given the golden opportunity to equally participate in the flagbearer race for the presidency.

Mambu told the world that SLPP is a democratic political institution where they were not going to allow another or different political party (Paopa) to form, because the objective of the party is not to do things by force or forcing people to believe in us, but to run the affairs of the party in accordance with the dictate of its constitution.

“The current SLPP administration (Paopa) is almost like a jihadist organization”, Mambu stated and argued that Chairman Harding had no right to single handedly nominated Bio as the party’s flagbearer for 2023 presidential election in an occasion held not to elect or nominate a flagbearer, but to elect party officials including the Chairman, Vice Chairman and other strategic positions.

Mr. Mambu stressed that Dr. Harding should have allowed other interested members of the party to equally presented policy speech to delegates and participated in the process.

According to Mambu, Chairman Harding had personal reason to singly nominated Bio, advancing that, Prince Harding alone nominated Bio to cover up the pending investigation that he allegedly authorised his security to shoot and kill his driver.

Mambu said, the SLPP constitution highlighted that if you want to be a flagbearer of the party, you have to present a policy statement before one thousand delegates, which was not done in Bo.

Mr. Mambu told citizens in Freetown that he had been working diplomatically with both local and international bodies to resolve the matter by declaring Bio’s nomination null and void, but to no avail because the process which lead to his appointment was illegal an unconstitutional.

Mr. Mambu challenged that if President Bio was the father of democracy in Sierra Leone, let him allow free and fair election to be organized for the presidential standard bearer so that those interested would be allowed to fully participate in the process and described President Bio as not a legitimate flagbearer for the SLPP as he tagged the election process as not democratically followed but dubiously done through the machination of some senior members in the party.

He encouraged SLPP general membership to do the right thing by chosing a legitimate flagbearer to contest the 2023 election, or the SLPP is heading to loose the election under Bio as flagbearer.

The Public Relations Officer for the SLPP said he don’t know Steven Sahr Mambu as member of the SLPP until he will be fully identified or scrutinized and argued that President Bio nomination was unanimous, democratic and was done by delegates in line with the party’s constitution. He encouraged Me. Mambu to go through procedures set aside by the party than going to social media if he is a true member or else, he might be disciplined accordingly. He described the SLPP as moving forward because it’s a focus political party