Member of Parliament representing the Western Area Urban District for the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Honourable Ibrahim Tawa Conteh has strongly cautioned election observers and the international community which includes the United States, emphasizing the sanctity of Sierra Leone’s sovereignty.

Hon. Tawa voiced this sentiment in a parliamentary discussion, pointing out that no external entity should assume a position of guiding Sierra Leone on democratic governance matters.

Awoko reports that during his speech, he acknowledged President Bio’s recent address where the President commended international partners for their role in fortifying democracy over the last two centuries. Hon. Tawa also touched upon global democratic hurdles, noting recent legal actions involving a past U.S. President.

Highlighting the universal challenges in democratic systems, he drew parallels with the European Union’s current issues with Hungary’s Prime Minister’s aspirations for enhanced judicial control and the indictment related to election involvement concerning former U.S. President Donald Trump.

Hon. Tawa underscored the stipulations of Sierra Leone’s Public Elections Act, urging election overseers to operate strictly within their mandates as per national legislation. He stressed that the fate of Sierra Leone’s democracy is firmly in the grasp of its people, and any hiccups should be tackled within the nation’s democratic channels.

In wrapping up, he asserted Sierra Leone’s unwavering dedication to a robust, open, and genuine democratic system, urging global respect for the same. Recognizing the inherent flaws in all democratic setups, Hon. Tawa reiterated the nation’s and its citizens’ commitment to rectifying these shortcomings.

In his view, Sierra Leone, with all its imperfections, remains a beacon of democratic practice that other countries should admire and learn from.