SLPP Honorable Member of Parliament has been captured on Camera preaching political tribalism and ethnic division in one of the voter’s registration centers in Pujehun.

She was spotted telling the registration officers of that center that they should avoid any votes of the opposition All Peoples Congress Party in Pujehun.

She stated that those people that are in support of the opposition party should not register in pujehun but should go to their place of origin and register there.

“Even as we register, we want to avoid any APC votes here, we do not want it here. Since they the APC have said they are going to kill the Mendes that means they do not belong here. They should go to where they came from and register but not here.” She said.

She added that she has traveled all the way to pujehun to make sure that the registration officers knows that they do not want any APC votes in Pujehun.

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