Elections are conducted every five years in Sierra Leone and for one to be eligible to vote in any election voter registration is a must.

As Sierra Leone is fastly approaching its next general election in 2023, ECSL the body responsible for the conduction of elections is on the registration process for eligible voters which has triggered politicians to urge their supporters and citizens to participate in the process.

The leadership of the National Young Generation Council held a meeting of most support groups in the Western Area at the SLPP National Headquarters in Freetown.

The NYGC Secretary, Dwight ZK Sheriff aka Sabugor SLPP admonished all and sundry to come out in their numbers to register and vote for President Bio. The fire-brand NYGC Secretary who has served as SLPP national student leader called on all grassroots to put aside their indifferences and vote for their future.

The meeting was climaxed by an evidence-based remark from the NYGC Leader Engineer Francis Alpha Kallon, who has shown more than a million times that leadership is not about size, but it’s about knowledge and wisdom.

The practical engineer energized the grassroots with result-oriented remarks. Ing. Kallon told grassroots that a vote for SLPP is a vote for Justice and economic prosperity. He assured everyone present of a landslide SLPP victory in June 2023.

This message from the NYGC was well received across the grassroots. “We tell God Tenki for gee we a caring NYGC, den dae help the party for do president Bio e woke”…..a smiling middle-aged SLPP woman lamented.