A shocking leaked video showing one of the Ruling SLPP party grandees – Alie Kabba, advocating for the use of undemocratic and illegal tactics during this period of voter registration to ensure that his party stays in power after general and presidential elections next year, beggars belief.

After years of accusation of acting as one of the key actors behind Foday Sankoh’s Rebel movement that brought untold suffering to the people of Sierra Leone during the country’s decade long war, many in Sierra Leone had given Alie Kabba the benefit of doubt to become one of the top politicians in the SLPP party, if not in the country.

For many of Alie Kabba’s supporters who regard him as a liberal democrat that champions democratic freedoms, listening to his anti-democratic diatribe in that video will bring shivers to their spine.

Critics say that this video clip of Ali Kabba, former Foreign Affairs Minister, former UN Representative for Sierra Leone, and SLPP campaign manager for the 2018 elections talking about the need for the SLPP party to rig the voter registration process, is nothing short of dangerous criminality.

The Sierra Leone Telegraph attempted to contact Alie kabba for his reaction and views about the video without success.

You can watch the video below: