The Sierra Leone Red Cross Society (SLRCS) in upholding its mandate on Community Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness Programme CP3 trains 120 women from Mothers’ clubs and Facility Management Committee Members in Kailahun and Kambia.

These women have been trained to recognize epidemic and pandemic-prone diseases, along with environmental incidents. To ensure comprehensive coverage, 60 women were chosen from each of the two districts, making a total of 120 women. Furthermore, 147 Facility Management Committee members were selected from 49 health facilities across the 6 chiefdoms

SLRCS states that The Community Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness Programme CP3 represents a collaborative initiative between SLRCS and IFRC, generously funded by USAID. The program is actively underway in Kailahun (Kissy Teng, Penguia, and Malema) as well as Kambia (Samu, Tonko Limba, and Mambolo chiefdoms). The program’s overarching objective is to enhance epidemic and pandemic preparedness, employing a comprehensive, all-hazard strategy that leverages community-based volunteers.”

Concluding their statement, they emphasized that “The Mother’s Club and Facility Management Committee will forge close collaborations with Supervisors, traditional healers, healthcare personnel, and community-based surveillance volunteers to effectively execute the CP3 project within their designated chiefdoms. Their roles encompass conducting routine meetings to evaluate project advancement and obstacles, alongside swiftly identifying and reporting epidemic-prone diseases and environmental incidents.”