Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) in collaboration with key stakeholders in the transport sector will today Monday 6th December,2021 commence ‘ Operation Decongest Freetown’.

The efforts to decongest the streets came after the Transport and Internal Affairs Committee in Parliament recommended for such following the Wellington Fire Disaster which claimed the lives of many Sierra Leoneans.

SLRSA noted that many streets in the City have been turned in garages, market places or packing places for vehicles and this affect the free flow of traffic, stating that SLRSA is set to clear all those streets mentioned.

SLRSA explained that they have held talks with community stakeholders to make the clearing of the streets easy.

Here is a full list of the 54 roads or streets

1. Jenneh Wright Road
2. Ross Road
3. Cline Town
4. Savage Square
5. Sackville Street
6. Fourahbay Road
7. Sithorpe Street
8. Fredrick Street
9. Regent Street
10. Regent Road
11. Goderich Street
12. Mountain Cut/Macauley Street
13. Back Street
14. Short Street
15. ECOWAS Street
16. Percival Street
17. Upper West Brook Street
18. Walpole Street
19. Pultney Street
20. Siaka Stevens Street
21. Wilberforce Street
22. Howe Street
23. Lightfoot Boston Street
24. Wellington Street
25. Bathurst Street
26. Waterloo Street (Upper/Lower)
27. Liverpool Street
28. Brook Street
29. Henry Street
30. Dundas Street
31. Naimbana Street
32. Ferguson Street
33. Macdonald Street
34. Bright Street
35. Willoughby Lane
36. Adelaide Street
37. Charles Street
38. Berwick Street
39. Jones Street
40. Dworzack
41. New England Ville
42. Percival Street
43. Charlotte Street
44. Lamina Sankoh Street
45. Campbell Street
46. John Street
47. Robert Street
48. Blackhall Road
49. Kissy by-pass Road
50. Africanus Road
51. Main Motor Road
52. City Road Wellington
53. Hospital Road Kissy Dockyard
54. William Street