It may sound ridiculously impossible, hearing the news for the first time in the history of fighting corruption in Sierra Leone, that the Sierra Leone Roads Safety Authority (SLRSA) has successfully contained the high level of corruption that once plagued the institution, thus causing untold financial loss to the establishment.

The level of corruption that was gaining momentous height and size in the establishment has seen downsized when stringent action was put in place by the current administration with strategies employed by Mr. Bio, which is aimed at transforming the entity into a productive and viable one that can stand the test of time.

The move has begun generating attractive dividends, which if maintained; would change the face of the Sieria Icone Roads Safety Authority from a corruption-infested institution to one that the virus has been brutally put under control to perish.

The success of this triumphant exercise was determined when heads were put together to recall some of the loyal and honest employees that were mistakenly sent home by management when the tide was passing through the institution.

Some of the employees were not spared. It was likened to the adage, which says that the “innocent suffer for the wicked”. The Director of Transport, Mr Arthur Desmond Brima, unfortunately, was among those that were sent home, until when it was proven that he has no hands in the corrupt exercise that punctured the operations of the institution, which resulted in substantial financial loss, he was recalled to recommence official duty and to help put the strategies designed by Mr Bio into an effective workable programme, all to rebrand the institution and make it financially independent and viable with trust from the consumers.

The Sierra Leone Roads Safety Authority (SLRSA) is the property of the people of Sierra Leone and the Government. ‘Revenues generated are used for many development purposes in the country, which is why actions initiated for the general good of the general populace should and must be embraced” Remarked a retired Board Member of the institution.

It would be recalled that over the years and even very recently the ICT Department of the SLRSA was allegedly involved in the production of fake licenses, which caused a huge loss to the establishment and how this corporate malaise was managed could only be explained by a few individuals who stood firm to reverse the ugly picture created about the establishment.

Since its transformation to Sierra Leone Roads Authority by the former Director General, is not much to write home about, but with new strategies already put in place to contain corruption, there are hopes of a better sure. Mr Brima is reportedly not the only employee recalled, but a few others that were proven to be honest and hard-working corporate assets