In a bid to foster a safe and inclusive workplace, SOCFIN Agricultural Company (SAC) has released a revised policy, PO-G-107, addressing sexual harassment within the company. The comprehensive document outlines the company’s commitment to creating an environment free from harassment and ensuring compliance with national and international standards.

The policy defines sexual harassment as any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that leaves an individual feeling offended, humiliated, or intimidated. Importantly, it acknowledges that harassers or victims can be of any gender, and the harassment can take various forms, including physical, verbal, or non-verbal actions.

Key highlights of the policy include:

Safe Environment Commitment: SAC pledges to provide a secure working environment devoid of sexual harassment for all individuals within its concession.

Legal Compliance: The company emphasizes adherence to relevant national laws and international agreements about sexual harassment, with ongoing monitoring through a regulatory watch.

Effective Resolution: SAC is dedicated to handling reports of sexual harassment seriously, ensuring timely and confidential resolution of disputes. The policy explicitly states that no one should face victimization for reporting such incidents.

Zero Tolerance: SAC adopts a zero-tolerance stance against sexual harassment in any circumstance or location.

Risk Mitigation: The company expresses its commitment to identifying, avoiding, and mitigating sexual harassment risks associated with its business operations.

Gender Sensitization: All employees, contractors, and their employees are mandated to undergo sensitization programs on gender-related issues.

The policy encourages individuals who experience or witness sexual harassment to report incidents to the Company’s Human Resource Department. In case a victim wishes to make a formal complaint, a grievance mechanism will be employed to address the matter. Charges substantiated through investigation may result in disciplinary and legal action.

However, the policy cautions against false and malicious accusations, stating that such cases, if substantiated, will also lead to disciplinary and legal consequences. Disciplinary actions are outlined for both company employees and third parties found in breach of this crucial policy, emphasizing SAC’s commitment to maintaining a workplace free from sexual harassment.