Eyewitnesses at the National Stadium have confirmed to Awareness Times Newspaper that during the gruesome attack on popular Sierra Leone musician Alhaji Bah aka Boss La on Saturday May 22nd 2021, police and military officers at the scene, though dressed in full uniforms and holding weapons, simply fled.

“When the SLPP thugs came after Boss La, the policemen and soldiers simply ran away. I saw at least one of the security officers had a weapon in his hands but yet he ran off,” said a youth college student who witnessed the gruesome attack on the popular rapper and agreed to speak to Awareness Times Newspaper on condition of anonymity as he said he feared for his life.

Also speaking with Awareness Times was the victim, Boss La the Rapper himself. In an exclusive chat with this newspaper on Monday May 24th 2021, Boss La confirmed that indeed as he screamed out for help whilst being stabbed with broken glass shreds, the police and soldiers simply ran away to avoid persons that Boss La describes as “thugs belonging to the governing Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP)”.

“I could not believe it. I was under attack right in their presence and the police and soldiers just ran away because I guess they may have been afraid to intercept those particular attackers as they are well known SLPP operatives,” Boss La told Awareness Times.

Boss La was stabbed in several parts of his body. Video and photographs seen by this newspaper, of the stab wounds, show as blood gushed out of his limbs, pumping like a river.

Boss La named some of his attackers whom are frequently seen at the SLPP Party Headquarters in Freetown. Reporters of the Awareness Times Newspaper went to the SLPP headquarters to get the side of the alleged attackers (names withheld for now) but we were told they are not around.

We however got the SLPP National Secretary General, Hon. Umaru Napoleon Koroma, on the issue and asked him.